Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Menlo margin the freight to make its money?
    • No, all purchased transportation is passed thru to USG with no margin nor uplift.  In other words, the Government pays Menlo no more than it pays the carrier for any given shipment.
  • Does a TSP need to acquire any special bonds to perform this business?
    • No, none other than what is required by state / federal law to be in business
  • What type of insurance does Menlo required?
    • Cargo = $150k
    • Commercial Auto = $1MM
    • Worker’s Comp = $250k (or as otherwise required by law)
    • CGL = $1MM
  • Must a TSP be registered with SDDC to perform under DTCI?
    • No, all contracting and carrier selection is performed by Menlo
  • Do TSP personnel (including drivers) need security clearances?
    • No, materials requiring clearances (i.e. AA&E) are not within the DTCI scope
  • Does DTCI require each driver to have a TWIC?
    • Not as a pervasive rule; however, some DoD port locations are beginning to move to this requirement (i.e. Jacksonville, FL)
  • Does DTCI require the TSP to utilize E-Verify?
    • No, this contract was awarded before 8 Sep, 2009.  E-Verify only applies to contracts awarded after 8 Sep, 2009 per FAR 101.8(d)
  • Does Menlo require the TSPs to participate in RAPIDGate?
    • No, RAPIDGate is a program that is discretionarily engaged at any DoD shipper site.  Furthermore, RAPIDGate is a voluntary program for TSPs wishing to access any site that has implemented the program.  Access to the site is still allowed through separate, parallel procedures at the site.


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