Performance Requirements

Performance Requirements:

The current DTCI PWS requires Menlo to perform to the below listed KPIs:


Menlo holds these same performance requirements of its TSPs for those elements that a TSP influences.  Specifically, those items are on-time pick up, on-time delivery, shortage and damage ratio, and claims processing.  While Small Business Spend is not controlled by the TSP, it does have a strong influence on the TSPs Menlo selects to participate within the network.

Performance Management:

On-Time Pick Up and On-Time Delivery are managed on a daily basis as Menlo requests shipment status updates from the TSPs.  Any transaction that falls outside of tolerance is mutually researched with the TSP to identify root cause in an effort to reduce future occurrences.  Additionally, this research effort may provide substantiation for an exception granted to that transaction for allowable reasons (i.e. weather delays, unscheduled consignee closures, etc.).

Menlo’s Load Planners work directly with the carrier base daily to accomplish the research.  The results of that work are shared with the TSPs on a weekly basis via a Menlo published carrier scorecard. 

Over time trends develop for TSPs successes or challenges in any segment of the network.  With success a carrier receives the opportunity to grow within the network.  Menlo works jointly with the carrier on any challenged area in order to improve performance.  Unfortunately, some of any given carrier’s challenges cannot be resolved.  In those instances Menlo may cease using a carrier in favor of one that can perform.  However, removal of a carrier is targeted for those lanes / services that are failing.


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